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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  October 26, 2014 3:00pm-3:06pm EDT

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as i think everybody knows, the maternal side of resident truman poss family had considerate leanings. you probably put on his blue uniform and went to see his grandfather. she said, don't you ever come here again with that uniform. [applause] thank you all for coming. military biographer -- is for sale. we will see you next time. >> you are watching american history tv, 48 hours of programming on american history every weekend on c-span3.
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to keep upn twitter with the latest history news. >> this year, c-span is touring cities across the country, exploring american history. a recent visit to green bay, wisconsin. we are on the banks of the foxx river in downtown green bay. across the river from where we are located was the site of fort an american fort built following the war of 1812. at one time, the fort was under the command of zachary taylor who would go on to the president of the united states, and among his officers was jefferson davis , who went on to become president of the confederate states of america.
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shortly after arriving here at fort howard, jefferson davis took an indian wife and had a family with his indian wife before being reassigned. here inoned his family the green bay area, and one of his sons, joseph davis, grew up to serve in the union army against his father and subsequently remained in the area his whole life. last civil ware veterans living in the area. ofdied in 1933 at the age 100 or so. we aren't actually sure how old davis was when he passed away. the interesting part of the story, after jefferson davis abandoned his family and was reassigned, he asked for the hand of sarah taylor, zachary
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taylor's daughter. zachary taylor resisted the marriage for reasons we can only , but subsequently when jefferson davis military, he did marry sarah taylor. they lived in mississippi. sarah taylor died briefly after they became married. the story of joe davis, son, is wellis's known in these parts and is part of the fascinating history of two very important figures in history. where c-span's local content vehicles are going on -- going next online at you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. >> next, alison fortier looks at historical sites throughout washington, d.c.
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the heritage foundation hosted this hour-long event. >> history is a particularly favorite subject of mine. i thought i would never live to see the day of a rock star historian. i am very grateful to have a special guest with us today who can tell us something about the city in which we live. most of us passed through the strict of columbia daily and get lost in our routines. many of us do not even take the time to perhaps look at the capitol zone and appreciate what it is as we have a chance to pass by it. some things, of course, are missing. the baltimore and potomac railroad station, for example. they must location. those who know the history of d.c. know that is where president garfield was shot. we know where ford the writer is, but you never see anything
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about the garfield assassination. that's because you have to go through the west building of the national gallery to be standing on the ground of that original location. progressivism and architecture in the district in the turn of the century as well, and that building was torn down. you might pass by on h street the wonderful little bistro wok and roll. if you like chinese food, that is probably a nice place to stop in. please make sure you read the plaque on the building. it was mary surratt's boardinghouse. of course, the district can create controversy out of anything. i'm sorry -- i don't know if this is in your book, but it is interesting that tunlaw spelled backwards is walnut, so they have tried to make a great deal of that aspect. what's the secret?


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